How to order

I. Browse And Select Products

Note: The price of products on the Website are inclusive of VAT

(These prices do not include shipping costs and add-on products).

II. Add Products To Your Shopping Cart

III. Order online

Step 1: View shopping cart information

  • The system displays information about the product you have selected e.g categories, unit price, quantity,...
  • If you want to return the product (do not buy anymore), please click on trash icon.
  • If you have a promotional coupon or gift voucher, please select the type of the card you have and enter your code in the corresponding box to get discount.
  • If you want to donate to the social programs of the Tòhe Bank, please select “Support our art program and little artist” and enter the amount in the corresponding box, then click "Donate".
  • If you want to continue to see more other goods, click on “Buy more”, if not, click on “Checkout”.

Step 2: Personal information

  • Fill in the basic information in the corresponding boxes (Note: marked “*” boxes are required information).

Step 3: Add-on products

Select the type of product you want to order.

Step 4: Payment method

Please select the suitable payment method:

Note: The payment will be taken after we call to confirm your order.

IV. Order confirmation

After completing the above steps, you will receive our confirmation call within 24 hours (except for public holidays and holidays) to the phone number you have registered.

Note: Depend on the address delivery confirmation, we will notice the delivery cost for you.

V. Receive paintings and pay

1. Receive the paintings

1.1. Receive  in showroom

Paintings will be delivered to customers in the showroom of Tohe, NO.8 Do Quang, Hanoi (from 9h00 to 19h00 every day of the week).

1.2. Delivery

Painting will be delivered within 4 - 15 days depending on your address.

2. Payment and finish the order.

2.1. Bank transfer

  • Please go to the nearest bank or use the service "Internet banking" to transfer the money you invoiced to the account below.
  • Please specify in the transfer content “Payment of … invoice (Name of product(s), "Customer name (name of registered customer on".
  • Click "Continue".
  • If the transfer content is incorrect in name of product(s), invoice number or customer name, we do not take responsible for your shipping.
  • After receiving the payment, we will contact you (via email, sms, phone) to confirm and delivery your order.

2.2. Cash on delivery

If you choose this method, we will receive your bill payment when delivering to you. (This method is only applicable to delivery address in Hanoi)

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