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Tohe was established in 2006 with the mission of spreading playful spirit to people.

The limitless passion and inspiration from children’s paintings is our motivation to keep create and bring new and joyful experiences to people in a way that you could not find in anywhere else.Everything we do is to encourage you to live a free, complete, happy and playful life just like the children.




Tohe has 3 main working fields:

Tohe Play - “PLAY to GROW”

Tohe Play holds free art playground for disadvantaged children in Social protection centers, indigent schools in remote areas and islands weekly in order to give kids the opportunities to have fun and experience creative art activities.

Tohe Play also searchs and supports children who love art but haven’t got chance to develop talents through scholarship program, facility supplies so that children can improve living conditions.

Tohe Play often holds art programs, exhibitions for urban children. Especially, KIDSTALLATION event is the first program in Vietnam give children opportunities to interact with art installation in diverse materials. In 2016, Tohe Play create “PHA-VO-TAO” playground model in order to give urban kids a free, playful art environment and to develop the artist’s potential.



Tohe Style - 100% playful

Tohe Style designs, prints, produces and distributes Lifestyle products, accessories from disadvantaged children’s paintings. Through rough materials, emotional shapes, we want to bring not only friendly natural but also subtle and elegant experiences to customers.

The authors will receive 5% of product price as loyalty money. In 2015, two little artists with autism - Nem (Ha Dinh Chi) and Van Minh Duc has signed the agreement to use paintings, then came out independent collections and received direct support from Tohe.



Tohe Bank - Playful Bank

Tohe Bank is the first and exclusive online gallery of  kid's paintings in Vietnam (up to now) with the mission of promoting and spreading playful spirit. We collect, display and present children’s paintings from far and wide regardless of nationalities, ethnics or circumstances. Paintings will be sold directly,  online or be auctioned as well as used as prints for Tohe products with the consent from the authors and their families. The money will be sent directly to the authors and their families.

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