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What is Tohe Bank?

Tohe Bank is the first and exclusive online gallery of  kid's paintings in Vietnam (up to now).

We collect, display and present children’s paintings from far and wide regardless of nationalities, ethnics or circumstances. We are Tohe young people who love the purity and desire to create an equal playing field for all children. Our aim is to prove that “The playfulness is real and it appears all places".

We believe that: Children, in any circumstances or ethnicity, are talented and they hold the beauty to the world’s playful spirit. This is such a priceless gift for all adults.

Why we establish Tohe Bank?

Kids’ drawings is a benchmark for beauty

We are fully aware that children's paintings bring a great aesthetic value and stand as a benchmark for beauty. It is reasonable for art masters like Pablo Picasso to say that: "It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”.
However, many adults have not realized its beauty. What a shame that our society does not have the opportunity to witness and enjoy this amazing present.

"It took me four years to paint like Raphael, but a lifetime to paint like a child”

- Pablo Picasso -



Many talents are not discovered or developed while their lives are full of difficulties

Another cause for project establishment is that: After 10 years of working and having the opportunity to interact with thousands of children in various circumstances from all parts of Vietnam, we found out that there were many talented children. However, their talent was not discovered or developed. The beauty in children’s paintings was neglected while their lives are full of difficulties. As people who love beauty, kids and always search  for the beauty of kid’s soul, we find this to be unfair and a huge waste of potential.

Money earned by  selling paintings could help children reduce burden in their lives

Tohe Bank was created with the desire to bring the beauty in paintings and in the hearts of children to more people. People could visit Tohe Bank to experience children's drawings, watch, enjoy or buy paintings. Money earned by selling paintings could help children reduce burdens in their lives, or even be small savings for talent developments in the future.


What Tohe Bank does?

We seek, gather and collect children’s drawings

Since 2006, paintings of hundreds of disadvantaged children participating in Tohe’s creative playground were gathered. Tohe bank continues to search and collect for more children’s paintings from across the country, regardless of whether or not they are a part of Tohe’s creative playground project. The artworks will be selected in terms of “playfulness” and posted on Tohe’s main webpage: www.tohebank.com

Children’s painting are used in real life

Paintings will be sold directly,  online or be auctioned as well as used as prints for Tohe products with the consent from the authors and their families. The money will be sent directly to the authors and their families.




We will continue to improve our online gallery and organize exhibitions to spread this beauty to wider range of audience. Hopefully, many kids will stand a chance of being "found" and developed. To the adults, we wish you will always be playful, honest; love yourself more, love others more and to put it in a nutshell, enjoy life more!

Tohe Bank is a project for kids, and of course, for the “older” ones ... who dream of  being kids as well.

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