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Born in 1973, Tram Vu is a senior Hanoi-based art manager and cultural activist. She managed the art and cultural program for British Council Vietnam for 9 years, during which time she implemented innovative concepts and organized national and international events which substantially enriched the cultural landscape of Hanoi. Tram is well connected to the art and literature scene in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and has worked with writers and artists across different generations.

In 2012, together with Bill Nguyen and Giang Dang, Tram founded Manzi – an independent non-profit art space in Hanoi. Acting as a multi-functional art space, Manzi supports local artists and promotes international collaborations through its art programme which includes visual art exhibitions, concerts, film screenings, and debates on social, historical and political issues of Vietnam today.

Mrs. Tram Vu

Mrs. Tram Vu

Before initiating Tohe, Nguyen is creative director of Nguyencomm advertising and communication company since 2001. With deep experience and great ability of a leader, he was well recognized and collaborated with variety of local and international companies and organizations such as UNICEFF, Vietnam Airlines, EU,... When creating Tohe, his purpose was about building not only a traditional enterprise which considered making profit as the main target, but also a social enterprise working for community. From building to maintaining and developing Tohe was a long way with intensive difficulties, challenges but he always tries his best and stays consistent in purchasing his targets to the end.

It’s true that there were losses that can not be made up for. But what we earn a lot from people surrounding us are their love, support of material, intelligence, emotion,.. and amazing friends. Although all these things may not be enough to help Tohe survive and get through all obstacles, Tohe still wants to draw out a spectacular picture of beautiful society, which is not easy to implement. However, Tohe will never abandon and regret about losses or disappoint of our choice.”- shared Mr. Nguyen.


Mr. Nguyen

Miss Nguyen Thi Thu Thao (whom we call “Little Thao”) was top 1 graduator with bachelor of graphic design from Vietnam University of fine art. She used to take on head of design department in Nguyencomm advertising and communication company, with 6- year working experience on creative and kid education field.  

Ms. Thao Nguyen

With artistic ability, teaching experience as well as passion for kids, judges will surely help our project search for unique pictures and recognize a lot of young talented artists. With their help, we will create a fair and useful playground- a truly natural bank!

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