How to join

A. Participants

  • Children from 03 – 06 years old, currently living in Vietnam.
  • Furthermore, the age is not limited for functional impairment candidates or ones who have special demand.

B. General regulation

  1. Drawing size: A3 (297mm x 420mm) or A4 (297mm x 210mm).
  2. Drawing Information
  • Every drawing sent to the programme should have the information written in the back of it, including: Full name of the artist (in capital letters), Date of birth, Year composed, Address, Phone number.
  • In addition, the artists can as well attach the story description or the inspiration of the story in Vietnamese or English (optional).
  1. Material
  • Priority over crayons, watercolours, paint, oil painting, ink,...
  • Collage paintings are less likely to be chosen.
  1. Artworks
  • The submission of the drawings is not limited in number and topic for individuals.
  • The drawings must not be involved by supporting elements of other individuals.
  1. Note:
  • Collective work is not accepted.
  • The drawings cannot present the information related to personal name, group, brand, trademark, company logo or specific company name.
  • The drawings without information needed are not accepted.

C. How to join

Individuals who love drawing or want to join the programme could send the drawings to the project. The drawings would have to pass the Selection Round: the jury will judge and grade the drawings based on the “playful” criteria. Selected drawings would be posted on the official website of Tohe Bank and be used for the exhibited activities of the project. Unselected drawings would be sent back to the artists.

  1. Direct submission

The drawings could be sent directly at this following address and time:

  • Address: No 08, Do Quang Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
  • Time: 9h00 – 18h00, on all days of the week (except for the holidays)
  • Note: After submitting the drawing, you will receive a receipt of keeping the drawing temporarily from Tohe. We need to keep your drawing in order to judge and select. The result will be announced within 25 days after submission. The unselected ones will be given back to the artist. Individuals with selected drawings will be guided by Tohe to complete the next steps.
  1. Online submission
  • You can scan or photograph the drawings (the size should be at least 1 MB) and then submit to this link:
  • Note: After completing the Online registration form, you will be sent a confirmation letter from Tohe. Next, the jury will judge and select based on the drawings you have submitted. The result wil be announced through Email within 25 days after submission. Individuals with selected drawings will be guided by Tohe to complete the next steps.

D. Commitment

  • The drawings could be exhibited or published by Tohe, or be shown at exhibitions held by Tohe. The drawings could also be edited and posted on Tohe website, be advertised, be used for media purposes and be sold for charity purpose (only with the allowance from the family).
  • Tohe is granted authority. Unselected drawings will be sent back to artist.
  • Participants must have the allowance from parents or guardians.
  • Personal information provided is used for the purpose of contacting the participants. Photos of the artist with selected drawings will be posted on Tohe website, and used for the media purpose. All personal information including name, age, current address, ethnicity, nationality as well as the tittle, meaning/message/description of the drawings will also be published.
  • Note: Terms of commitment can be edited/changed in order to be suitable for each family/individual’s expectation and circumstance.

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